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With the support of the Luce Foundation, the ATLA Cooperative Digital Resources Initiative provides a freely available, web-searchable, central repository of digital resources contributed by participating libraries. CDRI enables member libraries both to create digital resources and to benefit from the digital projects of other libraries.

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Submitting Proposals 

Note: Submission deadlines have passed. Information related to grants remain on this site for historical purposes only.

Phase Four Eligibility and Parameters

  • Phase Four proposals will be accepted in September 2004. Projects that focus on visual material with application to teaching and learning in the classroom will be received most favorably.
  • Grants will be awarded only to institutions that are both ATLA institutional members and accredited members of ATS.
  • Grants made to individual institutions or consortia will be in the range of $1,500 to $10,000.
  • The distributed funds can be used to defray the cost of equipment, additional staff, or out-sourced work, but should not be used to cover institutional overhead or salary replacement (though these costs may be included in the grant proposal to indicate an institution's contribution to the project.)
  • Cooperative and consortial proposals are encouraged.
  • The ATLA Digital Standards and Project Committee is particularly interested in assisting smaller institutions to develop workable proposals. Please feel free to contact us regarding project ideas.
  • Recipients of Phase One,  Two, or Three grants are welcome to submit proposals for new projects or for continuing the project initiated in the earlier phases.
  • Participants must be willing to contribute archival and use copies of the created digital objects to the ATLA central repository, but are also free to use the digital objects locally in any way that they may wish.
  • Participants must be willing to agree to the following statement relating to copyright: " The Cooperative Digital Resource Initiative (CDRI) database is copyright 2003 by the American Theological Library Association (ATLA) and may not be reproduced in whole in or in part without the express permission of ATLA. This database was created for use in teaching and research and it is to this end that the individual images and other digital objects in the CDRI database have been made available by the contributing institutions. In any published use of the images, the following credit must be included: "Images of (description/name of item) courtesy of    _ (contributing) _  Library and the American Theological Library Association." High definition archival versions of most images and other digital objects in the CDRI database are on deposit with ATLA. To place a request to obtain copies of the archival objects, please contact Depending upon the circumstances of the request, use of the archival objects may require permission and/or a modest processing fee."

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Criteria for Evaluation of Projects

Preliminary proposals will be evaluated by the ATLA Digital Standards and Projects Committee according to the following criteria:

  • Will the content provided by the project benefit teaching and research in the wider academic community?

  • Is the material suitable for digitization? Is it physically sturdy enough to be processed without damage?  Does current technology support digital capture at a suitable level for the use of the material?

  • Does the copyright status of the material allow it to be displayed in a publicly available forum?

  • Does digitization permit significant advantages for the material in terms of accessibility, usefulness, preservation, or other criteria?

The content delivered by projects will include both the digital objects and related metadata. All projects must meet the minimum technical standards. Metadata will be submitted via a web-based template provided by ATLA. The Digital Standards and Projects Committee is committed to assisting participants in understanding and implementing the required standards.

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Schedule and Deadlines

Note: Submission deadlines have passed. Information related to grants remain on this site for historical purposes only.

Please contact any member of the ATLA Digital Standards and Projects Committee if you have questions: Cameron Campbell, Duane Harbin, Martha Smalley, and Charles Willard.  

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