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Grants Awarded for Phase Three

With the generous support of the Luce Foundation, the ATLA/ATS Cooperative Digital Resources Initiative (CDRI) is developing a freely available, web-searchable, central repository of digital resources contributed by participating ATLA member libraries. The digital images of woodcuts, photographs, slides, papyri, coins, maps, and manuscripts created during Phase One of the Initiative are now available at Soon to join them are the fruits of CDRI Phase Two projects: images of early manuscripts and publications, Thanksgiving Day sermons, shape-note tune books, coins, scarab seals, oil lamps, scenes from the Holy Land, church sites in Italy and France, and portraits of church leaders. The ATLA/ATS Digital Standards and Projects Committee is pleased to announce the awards for Phase Three. We are also pleased to report that enough funds are available to make possible a Phase Four of the Cooperative Digital Resources Initiative. The Committee encourages member libraries to consider submitting a proposal for Phase Four, following the guidelines provided on the CDRI home page.

Phase Three awards:


Kathryn Sullivan Bowld Music Library, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary ($10,000)
Worship Services

The Bowld Music Library will digitize Sunday morning services at five Southern Baptist churches in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as well as the Isaiah 6 worship service held at the Seminary. Created to serve as a multimedia resource for worship classes at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, these digitized worship services will also be useful to liturgical scholars, Baptist studies, pastors, worship leaders, and laypersons worldwide for observing and studying various worship styles. In addition, the project will document the ongoing worship trends for research and future archival purposes.


Ohio State University and Bridwell Library, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University ($10,000)
Images from John Foxe's Acts and Monuments of the English Martyrs

The OSU/Bridwell project will contribute images from the 1563, 1570, 1576, and 1583 editions of John Foxe's Acts and Monuments of the English Martyrs, including approximately 220 woodcuts as well as title pages, calendars, almanacs, and indexes as time and funds permit. Foxe's Acts and Monuments is a key document in the long stream of Christian literature and denominational development. Providing access to this original resource material with its accompanying metadata will support the study of church history in general, Reformation studies, iconography, theology, English art and literature, as well as other disciplines.


Trask Library/Andover Newton Theological School ($9,000)
Postcards of Congregational and Baptist churches in New England

Trask Library will be digitizing a significant collection of postcards illustrating Congregational and Baptist churches in New England. Mostly in color, these postcards provide historic images of existing churches as well as depicting some churches that are no longer standing. These images will be of value not only to local church and denominational historians, but also to those studying or teaching in the field of theology and the arts and religious architecture.


Boston University School of Theology Library ($6,600)
Missiological Texts

The Boston University project will digitize the text of all three volumes of James S. Dennis, Christian Christian Missions and Social Progress; a Sociological Study of Foreign Missions, a significant text for documenting the history of the missions movement that was published 1897-1906. This project was conceived in response to the request of a faculty member that the Library begin digitizing significant works in the field of Christian missiology to provide better access to the materials for her students as well as to provide access to scholars and students of missiology throughout the world.


Vanderbilt Divinity Library ($6,000)
ETANA Core Texts

This grant will allow Vanderbilt Divinity Library to continue progress in digitizing works in coordination with the Electronic Tools and Ancient Near Eastern Archives (ETANA) project. In Ancient Near Eastern studies, many early publications still have significant value for teaching and scholarly research but are held by only a handful of libraries, severely limiting their use for research. The ETANA project has been digitizing texts from a list of candidates compiled by the ETANA Core-Texts advisory panel, or from specific titles submitted by users of the ETANA site, and making them freely available for teachers and scholars worldwide. Works digitized by Vanderbilt for inclusion in the ATLA CDRI database will provide both textual and pictorial documentation of Ancient Near Eastern sites and artifacts.


Drew University Methodist Library ($5,000)
Wesley Family Letters and Poetic Manuscripts

Drew will digitize 175 original manuscript letters of John Wesley, Charles Wesley, and other members of the Wesley family, as well as 60 unpublished hymns by Charles Wesley, several poetical fragments by Charles Wesley, and an unpublished book of poetry by Charles' wife Sarah Gwynne Wesley, inclusively covering the period 1719-1887. These materials will complement material made available by SMU in CDRI Phase One, making available a larger number of Wesley letters and poetic materials that have either not been published in a scholarly edition, or not published at all. The Wesley correspondence and poetry shed light not only on the history and development of Methodism, but also life in eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century Britain, and will benefit both scholars and religious researchers with interests in Wesley studies.


Princeton Theological Seminary Libraries ($2,500)
Sermons by Faculty Members of Princeton Theological Seminary

This grant will allow Special Collections, Princeton Theological Seminary libraries, to initiate a project to digitize all published sermons preached by faculty members of Princeton Theological Seminary and its predecessor institutions that exist in the public domain in preparation for the seminary's bicentennial in 2012. Digitization of two collections of selected sermons (1852, 1893), complemented by images of the preachers, of the seminary during that era, and of manuscript pages of representative sermons, will provide documentation for the Seminary's bicentennial as well as having relevance to the historical study of homiletics and theological education.

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Last Updated: January 28, 2004