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The Cooperative Digital Resources Initiative of the American Theological Library Association and Association of Theological Schools is a repository of digital resources contributed by member libraries. The creation of CDRI was made possible by a generous grant from the Henry Luce Foundation; it is now an ongoing ATLA program.

The CDRI database provides access to digital images of woodcuts, photographs, slides, papyri, coins, maps, postcards, manuscripts, lithographs, sermons, shape-note tune books, and various forms of Christian art, architecture, and iconography. The collections included in the database are described below.

Use the Search Form to locate images or browse the collections. Use Keyword searching across all images in the database, or to browse individual or selected collections using the Limit by Collection option. The following topical groupings of collections may be of interest:

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Manuscripts, Texts, Sermons:

Ancient Near East:

Missions, World Religion:


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Phase One:

Ambrose Swasey Library, Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School
Oxyrhynchus papyri

28 papyrus manuscript fragments, which were discovered at Oxyrhynchus, Egypt, and range in date from the 1st to the 5th centuries CE.This collection is representative of thousands of Oxyrhynchus papyri that have been uncovered. The Swasey papyri include fragments of six Christian documents (one of the Gospel of John), as well as fragments of the book of Leviticus in Greek, personal letters, official documents and receipts, and one religious tale concerning the god Sarapion. These unique manuscripts will be of interest to faculty and students of Greek vocabulary and orthography, New Testament textual criticism, ancient Christianity, and Hellenistic culture. BROWSE

Bridwell Library, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University
Wesley Manuscripts & Memorabilia

Holographic letters of John Wesley and manuscripts from other members of the Wesley family. Images of items related to Wesley and the Methodist movement, including portraits, book illustrations, images of historic Wesleyan sites, and images of Wesley memorabilia such as ceramics. Together these resources offer unique insights into Wesley and the "People Called Methodist" for students and scholars at all levels. BROWSE

Claremont School of Theology
Coins from ancient Greek, Roman, and Byzantine periods

Ancient Greek, Roman, and Byzantine coins from the Curtis R. Paxman Collection that provide vivid images of ancient culture. Most of these images do not duplicate coins presented in other digital projects and therefore provide unique resources that will illuminate the study of ancient history. BROWSE

Hartford Seminary Library
Slides illustrating the practice of Islam

Slides taken in Islamic countries that illustrate the practice of Islam. The images were photographed by Hartford professor Jane I. Smith who has used them in her classes to illustrate life and the practice of faith in Islamic countries. BROWSE

Illuminations from Armenian Gospels

Illuminations from two of the Armenian Gospels held by the Hartford Seminary Library. Among the color illuminations are images of the four Gospel writers. These wonderful examples of Christian art will be useful in classes on religion and the arts as well as New Testament studies. BROWSE

Pitts Theology Library, Emory University
Printed Images from the Sixteenth Century

Images drawn from Kessler Collection consist primarily of wood or metal engravings that were printed in books and pamphlets, often based on sketches by premiere artists of the day. Images include illustrations of biblical stories of interest to historians of biblical interpretation, illustrations of church life for students of liturgy and ecclesiology, and printers' devices for those interested in the history of printing. In addition the engravings are of inherent interest to art historians.BROWSE

Princeton Theological Seminary Libraries
The Moffett Korea Collection: Historic Photographs of Korea

Images from the Moffett Korea Collection, gift of Dr. Samuel Hugh Moffett, Henry Winters Luce Professor of Mission and Ecumenics at Princeton Theological Seminary, and his wife Eileen Flower Moffett. Photographs, historical postcards, and slides together comprise a diverse and unique visual history of Korea's religious, political, and social development. The images in the collection date from the 1880s through the early 1900s. BROWSE

Vanderbilt Divinity Library
Biblical Iconography: French Medieval Cathedrals

Iconographical representations of Biblical and patristic texts from French 12th and 13th century architecture. Selected for their relevance to Biblical, theological, and historical studies, these images are accompanied by scholarly content analysis to maximize their usefulness for students and scholars of religion and theology. BROWSE

Yale University Divinity School Library
Maps & Charts Documenting the Expansion of Christianity

Historical maps and charts documenting the expansion of Christianity. Selected from historical atlases, histories of Christianity, and from the Yale University Map Collection, these maps and charts provide visual support for the teaching of church and mission history, and Biblical studies. BROWSE

Phase Two

Andover-Harvard Library (Harvard Divinity School), Pitts Theology Library (Emory University), Princeton Theological Seminary Libraries
Thanksgiving Day Sermons

American Thanksgiving Day sermons printed between 1801 and 1900 and issued as individual publications. Thanksgiving Day sermons are of particular interest for scholars in the fields of homiletics, rhetoric, the history of biblical interpretation, and systematic theology. The sermons selected for this project will also shed light on the development of church-state relations in an especially formative period in the history of the United States. This digital corpus is expected to find use among theologians, historians, and others interested in what Robert Bellah has called "civil religion." BROWSE

Concordia Seminary Library
Selected manuscripts

Medizinisch-astrologisches Hausbuch . Germany, ca. 1429. Profusely illustrated in water colors with signs of the Zodiac and miniature paintings showing activities of the seasons and other scenes of daily life. A layman's "medical manual" - one of seven of the genre known to remain, the only one in the United States. BROWSE

Thomas a Kempis. Libellus consolatorius . . . De Imitatione Christi, 1484. Ms copy stamped with the seal of the Agnietenberg monastery, where Thomas lived, and possibly copied from the original. BROWSE

Passio Domini. Netherlands, ca. 1500-1520. A collection of 24 miniature paintings of the Passion of Christ, with facing-page text in gold and red ink. BROWSE

Deutscher Kalender und Praktik auf das Jahr 1466 BROWSE

Canonical Epistles and Apocalypse. Germany (Rhine?), 12th century. Manuscript of James, 1-2 Peter, 1-3 John, Jude, and Revelation, with a prologue to the Epistles, an extract from the First Prologue of Revelation, notes on the Seven Seals, a brief history of the world corresponding to the Seven Seals (13th century), and the order of ceremonies in Holy Week (14th century). BROWSE

Kathryn Sullivan Bowld Music Library, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Shape-note tune books

The shape-note tune books of the collection illuminate various musical aspects of the American history of church and society, including the singing school movement and the music education movement. Presenting a rich source of American musical life, the seven selected tune books for the digitizing project include psalm and hymn tunes, fuging tunes, songs for Sunday schools, public schools, and homes, as well as music of the Lowell Mason school, children's songs, folk hymns, anthems and music with secular texts. BROWSE

Monroe F. Swilley, Jr. Library, Mercer University
Portraits of some Baptist leaders

Images of portraits of some Baptist leaders: earliest birth date is 1598 and latest death date is 1968. BROWSE

Reeves Library, Moravian College and Theological Seminary
Early text related to the Bohemian-Moravian Church of the Brethren

This text describes the development and social history of the Bohemian-Moravian Church of the Brethren (also referred to as the United Fratrum) from the establishment of the church to 1757. Title of original German work is Kurze, zuverlaszige nachricht von der unter dem namen der Bomisch-Mahrischen bruder bekannten kirche Unitas Fratrum herkommen, lehr-begriff, aussern und innern Kirchen-Verfassung und gebrauchen, aus richtigen urkunden und erzalungen von einem Ihrer christlich unportheiischen freunde heraus gegeben und mit sechzehn vorstellungen in kupfer erlautert, translated as A short and faithful report of the Church known under the name of the Bohemian and Moravian Brethren, stemming from the Unitas Fratrum, [including their] teaching, outward and inner Church order and customs, derived from true documents and accounts from one of their Christian, unbiased, friends, and illustrated with sixteen copper images. Details of Bohemian-Moravian Church history, worship practices, government, education, and social customs are described and illustrated within 64 pages of text and 16 copper plate images. BROWSE

Vanderbilt Divinity Library
Images of Religious and Theological Iconography

Born-digital images of collections of primarily Christian art and iconography that are identified by scripture passage where appropriate. The images are from Amiens Cathedral, St. Vitale in Ravenna, St. Savin in France, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and other assorted locations. BROWSE

Phase Three

Andover Newton Theological School, Franklin Trask Library
Postcards of New England Congregational and Baptist churches

Views of New England Congregational and Baptist churches, representing all chronological periods of private postcard production, 1898-current date. The postcards selected for digitization focus on architectural features and are from a larger collection in Franklin Trask Library. In many cases several postcards of an individual church present different renderings that reflect artistic license. Churches from every New England state except Vermont are included in the collection, although the bulk of postcards depict Massachusetts Congregational churches. BROWSE

Boston University Theology Library
Christian Missions and Social Progress, by James S. Dennis

The text of the three volumes of James S. Dennis, Christian Christian Missions and Social Progress; a Sociological Study of Foreign Missions, a significant text for documenting the history of the missions movement that was published 1897-1906. BROWSE

Drew University Methodist Library
Wesley Family Letters and Manuscripts

Digital images of manuscripts written by members of the Wesley family. The majority of these are letters, but also included are hymns and poems, a sermon by John Wesley, a petition, Thomas Coke's ordination certificate, the will of Charles Wesley's daughter Sarah, and some of the few surviving copies of minutes from the Irish conferences of 1778, 1784, and 1785. BROWSE

Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Library
The Morton Collection of Biblical Artifacts

Images of artifacts from the Bible lands (Jordan, Israel, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Greece and Italy) acquired by Dr. William H. Morton, former director of the American School of Oriental Research in Jerusalem, during the 1940s and 1950s, including inscribed scarabs from Egypt; terracotta lamps and other pottery from Palestine; and ancient Jewish, Roman and Byzantine coins. BROWSE

Ohio State University and Bridwell Library, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University
Images from John Foxe's Acts and Monuments of the English Martyrs

Woodcuts from the 1563, 1570, 1576, and 1583 editions of John Foxe's Acts and Monuments of the English Martyrs, a key document in the long stream of Christian literature and denominational development with relevance to the study of church history, iconography, theology, English art and literature. BROWSE

Special Collections, Princeton Theological Seminary Libraries
Selected Sermons Preached at Princeton Theological Seminary during the Nineteenth Century

A collection of thirty-two sermons preached at Princeton Theological Seminary in the nineteenth century. The preachers include Archibald Alexander, Charles Hodge, Samuel Miller, and Benjamin B. Warfield, among others. Digitized from the books: The Princeton Pulpit. Edited by John T. Duffield. Originally published: New York, Charles Scribner, 1852 and Princeton Sermons. Chiefly by The Professors in Princeton Theological Seminary. Originally published: New York, Fleming H. Revell Company: 1893. BROWSE

United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities / Arthur Merrill Collection
Images of the Holy Land

Images from slides take by Dr. Arthur L. Merrill, Emeritus Harry C. Piper Professor of Biblical Interpretation, during numerous trips to the Holy Land and surrounding areas from 1962 to 1996. The collection includes photographs of the land, archaeological sites and tells, artifacts, holy sites, and modern cultural, political, and religious scenes from Israel and Palestine. The artifacts and archaeological sites that Merrill has captured date from 10,000 BCE to modern times, with a focus on the Biblical era. BROWSE

Vanderbilt University Divinity Library
ETANA - texts for Ancient Near Eastern studies

Thirty volumes digitized from the collections of the Oriental Institute (2) and Vanderbilt Divinity Library (28), also made available on the ETANA core texts web site. Cuneiform Texts from Babylonian Tablets. Harvard Excavations at Samaria. Monuments of Nineveh. A Second Series of the Monuments of Nineveh. BROWSE


Phase Four

Abilene Christian University, Brown Library
Baptistery paintings in Twentieth-Century Churches of Christ

- Painted by Blanche Perry: The digital images in this collection are taken from watercolor sketches, hand-tinted black-and-white photographs, and black and white photographs of her paintings made by Blanche Garrett Perry, who was active in painting baptisteries for Churches of Christ from 1937 to about 1955. BROWSE

- Photographed by Jack Welch: The digital images in this collection are taken from color 35 mm slides made by ACU English professor Jack Welch (1941-1996) in Churches of Christ, mostly in Texas. BROWSE

Andover Newton Theological School, Franklin Trask Library
Missionaries appointed by the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions

Daguerreotype images of missionaries appointed by The American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. The daguerreotypes were selected for inclusion based on physical condition and are part of a larger collection in Franklin Trask Library. BROWSE

Asbury Theological Seminary, B. L. Fisher Library
Photographs From the Papers of E. Stanley Jones

A selection of 300 photographs, most are black and white, from the Papers of E. Stanley Jones. The photos span the time from his early adulthood to just before his death. They show the personal side of his life with family photos, document his love of India and its people, and document his evangelistic endeavors. BROWSE

Duke University Divinity School
Images of mainline Protestant children and families in the U.S.

Images of mainline Protestant children and families in the U.S.,from denominational and non-denominational magazines dating from the 1920s to the 1970s. Images related to articles as well as advertisements were selected to consider the configurations of "responsible," "wholesome," and "productive" families. BROWSE

Harvard Divinity School, Andover-Harvard Theological Library
Postcards of Unitarian and Universalist Church Buildings

Images of postcards of Unitarian and Universalist church buildings. Churches in the United States, Canada, and Japan are featured; the largest geographical grouping is from Massachusetts. The postcards were produced beginning in 1898. BROWSE

Henri J.M. Nouwen Archives and Research Collection
Photographs and letters from the Henri J. M. Nouwen Archives

Photographs and outgoing letters of Henri J. M. Nouwen, a chronological sampling of Nouwen's life as priest, teacher, social activist, speaker, friend, son/brother/uncle, and writer. BROWSE

Kathryn Sullivan Bowld Music Library, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Worship Video Project

Sunday morning services at five Southern Baptist churches in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as well as the Isaiah 6 worship service held at the Seminary. Created to serve as a multimedia resource for worship classes at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, these digitized worship services will also be useful to liturgical scholars, Baptist studies, pastors, worship leaders, and laypersons worldwide for observing and studying various worship styles. BROWSE

Ohio State University Libraries / Bridwell Library, Perkins School of Theology, SMU
Images from the John Foxe’s Acts and Monuments (the “Book of Martyrs”), Ninth Edition (1684)

Complete set of images (mostly engravings) from the ninth (1684) edition of John Foxe’s Acts and Monuments of Matters most Special and Memorable, Happening in the Church (“Book of Martyrs”), including the title page images of the three volume set, the “Kalender” of martyrdoms, the title page for an added section in volume 3. BROWSE

Pitts Theology Library, Emory University
Woodcuts and metal engravings from 16th-19th century publications

Woodcuts and metal engravings from the Pitts Library’s holdings of 16th-19th century publications. These images include illustrations of the biblical text, church architecture, portraits of religious leaders, and various other materials of interest to historians, theologians, specialists in Bible, and those who teach religious practices. BROWSE

Pitts Theology Library, Emory University
Selected Photographs of Ancient Near Eastern and Mediterranean Sites

Archaeological slides from the collections of Emory University Prof. Emeritus J. Maxwell Miller and his associates. These cover the archaeological remains of the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia Minor and so should support the teaching of Bible, archaeology, and ancient history. BROWSE

Roberts Library, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Slides of archaeological sites in the Middle East

Images of archaeological sites in the Middle East from slides that have been donated to the library by faculty members support the teaching of Bible, archaeology, and ancient history. BROWSE

Sanctuary for Sacred Art
Post Vatican II Church Architecture and Art in Western Oregon

Images of Church architecture and art showing reforms inspired by documents of the Second Vatican Council. Images of reforms include: placement of the altar, moved closer to, with priest facing, parishioners; placement of Baptismal font at the entrance of the church, and larger in size to accommodate immersion; Reconciliation rooms (replacing small confessionals); incorporation of sacred art and architectural glass created by local artists; new placement of the tabernacle and the ambo; removal of altar rails. BROWSE

United Theological Seminary Library
Oxyrhynchus Papyri Manuscript Collection

Images of seven papyrus documents from a large mass of papyrus and parchment fragments discovered in 1879-1905 at Oxyrhynchus (modern Behnesa), Egypt. These materials contain literary and non-literary ancient texts dating from the first to the ninth century C.E. BROWSE

Yale University Divinity School Library
Missionary Postcards

Images of more than 350 postcards documenting missionary work, primarily in Africa, with a few from Asia and Oceania. These postcards were produced by mission sending agencies and distributed throughout Europe and America with the intent of promoting support for the missions' work and providing information about non-Western peoples and customs. BROWSE

Yale University Divinity School Library
Postcards of Methodist Churches in the United States

Images of more than 100 Methodist churches from across the United States, dating primarily from the first half of the twentieth century. The postcards depict many architectural styles of Methodist churches in rural, suburban, and city settings. BROWSE

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