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Keyword Anywhere:
Matches words anywhere in the record

Matches only words in the Title and Alternative Title fields

Matches only words in the Description field

Matches only words in the Subject fields

CDRI Database Help

  • All searching in the CDRI database is keyword-based.
  • Entering a search term in a particular field means that you are searching for the term in that part of the record only.
  • Your search will retrieve records that contain all the words entered in the fields specified.
  • A space between words is treated as a Boolean "AND."
  • If words are entered in more than one search field, the conditions are also combined as a Boolean "AND."
  • Stop Words: the following words are ignored:
    and, an, any, as, at, be, by, do, for, if, in, is, it, of, on, or, no, not, the, to, up, a-z

For example, this search
Keyword search:

bishop martyr
Title: in cathedral

retrieves records containing both the words "bishop" AND "martyr" anywhere in the record, AND the word "cathedral" in the title field of the record. "In" is ignored because it is a "stop word."



Limit by collection:

  • Click on the "Limit by Collection" option (under the Search button on the search form) to limit your searching to particular collections.
  • On the "Limit by Collection" page:
    • You can click on the name of the collection to see a collection description, which may provide ideas about relevant search terms.
    • Select the collection or collections of interest by checking the box to the left of the name, then click on the "Submit" button, which will bring you back to the Search Form.
  • Now enter search terms and your results will be limited to the collection(s) you selected.
  • If you click on the "Search" button without filling in any search terms, the results will allow you to browse the entire collection(s) that you selected.

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