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Collection(s): Oxyrhynchus Papyri in the Ambrose Swasey Library

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1. P. Oxy. 1256: List of priests under age. 
2. P. Oxy. 1265: Affidavit of priestly rank. 
3. P. Oxy. 1300: Letter of Peter. 
4. P. Oxy. 1351: Leviticus xxvii. 
5. P. Oxy. 1382: Tale of Sarapis and Syrion. 
6. P. Oxy. 1423: Authorization for the arrest of a slave.  
7. P. Oxy. 1445: Report on unproductive land. 
8. P. Oxy. 1462: Two notifications of cessions. 
9. P. Oxy. 1471: Contract of loan. 
10. P. Oxy. 1494: Christian letter. 

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