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RESEARCH IN MINISTRY (RIM® Online), an index to Doctor of Ministry and Doctor of Missiology project reports and theses, is an abstracting and indexing service that uses author abstracts to provide a useful access tool for clergy, students, and others on practical aspects of religious ministry. If you wish to participate, please submit an abstract of the project in the space provided. Please type or print clearly.

Note: The following form must be filled out completely and the permission release signed for inclusion of your D.Min./D.Miss. abstract into RIM Online. Failure to provide a signature may result in your D.Min./D.Miss. abstract not being included in RIM Online. There is no deadline for submissions. All entries will be posted electronically soon after they are received. 

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3) Describe the method of study or research.
4) State the result of the research or conclusion reached in the study.
5) Write in complete sentences, preferably in the third person active voice, past tense (e.g. The author researched; he or she studied, etc.)

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